Assessment & Development School

Assessment & Development School

Assessment and Development School: a professional school teaching certified HR skills, designed to assist people development in Organisations

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Assessment & Development School

2014 saw the set-up of the first certified Assessment and Development School, a partnership between PRAXI and Ideamanagement, under the scientific direction of Angela Gallo.

The Master's courses comply with the training requisites for the programme to certify the skills required for the profession of Behavioual Skills Assessor and Skills Coach, as established in art. 9 of Law no. 4 of 14.01.2013 "Provisions regarding non-organised professions".

The teaching methods adopted include classroom activities conducted by experts and company professionals, e-learning bites, tutoring and supervised individual practice. The courses last for 8 months, with one two-day classroom module per month. Each training model concludes with a structured test, and the course ends with an exam to obtain the pertinent qualification.

The two programmes offered are:

  • Master's Course in Assessment, which qualifies the holder to work as an Assessor of Behavioural Skills and Potential.
  • Master's Course in Skills Coaching, which qualifies the holder to work as a Coach for Behavioural Skills Development Programmes.

In addition to the Master's Courses, we have worked hand in hand with Ideamanagement and with the support of the Accredia-recognised certification body KHC to develop a programme for the certification of the skills required by Assessors (three levels: junior, middle and senior) and Skills Coaches (two levels: middle and senior). The experience gained and the practical/theoretical exams set allow participants to verify the requisites they possess and obtain the professional certification established in the aforementioned Law no. 4 of 14.01.2013.