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Business Information Management

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence has always been one of the sectors of excellence of PRAXI’s IT Division, which boasts a successful history of over thirty years in the development and implementation of solutions in this area, using different technologies carefully chosen among the "best-of-breed" proposals of the period based on design and planning needs, with the constant goal of being able to propose the best application solutions.

From the beginning of 2010, while maintaining its collaborations in previously covered technological areas, after a series of analyses on the technological, qualitative and innovative requisites relative to the proposals of the major vendors, PRAXI decided to undertake a strategic partnership with QlikTech Italia, having recognised the optimum technology in the Qlik platform for the fulfilment of cutting-edge solutions free from design and planning constraints from an application and performance point of view.

Data warehouse and ETL processing

We design and create data warehouses to collect, convert, and store data coming from different sources and made available in aggregated and standardised format.

Dashboard and Performance Management

We create strategic tools in support of the decisional phases to optimise and measure corporate performance (KPI, Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting, Business Activity Monitoring).

BI Collaboration and Social

BI Collaboration and Social

To favour collaboration, sharing of knowledge, development and optimisation of social networks both inside and outside of the organisation (BI 2.0).