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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Companies differ in terms of sector, size, culture and values. For each individual client, PRAXI conducts a job profiling process that keeps pace with the evolution of company organisation, designing skill systems , performance assessments , financial and non-financial incentives, professional development and career programmes, , training systems and total rewards models, based partly on the weight carried by the various positions held in the company. We have provided support to many organisations in defining training plans.

In addition, we have taken a careful look at the corporate climate, improving organisation and thus wellbeing by setting out development plans aimed at providing a swift, effective response to the needs expressed by employees, while keeping the financial impact for companies to a minimum. This has yielded impressive results in terms of motivation, productivity and innovation capacity.

We also offer companies temporary management services, supplying figures such as HR Managers or Specialists in HR processes.

These HR management processes are backed up by PRAXI4People, the web-based modular software we have developed that allows us to collect, store and make the most of all the information crucial for decision making. Depending on the extent to which they have been authorised by their company, users can then play a part in the process, by adding and analysing information required for their particular role.

The system is organised into independent, integrated modules that can be used to manage the full range of human resources development processes: selection, employee records, job description, organisation structure, in-company communication, skills system, remuneration and merit policies, performance assessment, MBO, training needs analysis and climate surveys.

PRAXI4People is equipped with an efficient system of filters, reports and spreadsheet export.