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Operational Excellence

Lean Organisation

"All we are doing is looking at the time line, from the moment the customer gives us an order to the point when we collect the cash. And we are reducing the time line by reducing the non-value adding wastes".

These are the words Taiichi Ohno – the Japanese engineer considered the father of the Toyota production (or Lean Production) method – used to introduce one of the founding principles for applying his method in an organisation: seeking and fighting all those activities that fail to bring added value to a process.

Cutting waste means creating high–quality, low–cost standardised processes, with the help of people. This can be achieved through 5 key principles:

  • rethinking value from the client's point of view (value)
  • mapping the value flow and identifying waste (map)
  • creating a flow to reduce lead times (flow)
  • having the client "pull production" (pull)
  • seeking continuous improvement (perfection).

Despite its manufacturing origins, Lean Thinking can also be applied successfully in service organisations such as banks and insurance companies, as well as in healthcare and the public sector. PRAXI's contribution is based on the experience acquired in the implementation of Lean projects in a variety of situations, and is delivered through consulting support and training programmes.

PRAXI also offers a business game, designed to teach the basics of Lean Thinking and how it works rapidly, experientially and effectively. The game consists of simulating a lean production model, starting out from a traditional model and introducing improvement actions designed to remove the constraints it implies.

organisational reviews

Lean Six Sigma

Keeping costs low and product and service quality high with Lean Six Sigma.
PRAXI has a Business Unit made up of Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belts, with consultants on hand to support clients introducing the Lean Six Sigma method. The efficacy of Lean Six Sigma, combined with our consultants' experience in implementing the method, frequently yields results that exceed all expectations, as demonstrated in a number of Success stories, that illustrate how Lean Six Sigma can be applied to any situation and to any process, in both manufacturing and service industries.


Success Stories

Introducing the Lean Six Sigma methodology means to a achieve higher efficiency, often beyond expectations. Discover how the Lean Six Sigma methodology has been successfully applied by PRAXI in both manufacturing and service industries.

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