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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We support decision-making and strategic processes, to analyze data coming from management systems or from data warehouse and to distribute specific solutions to the different types of users (Query & Reporting, Advanced Analytics, Geo Analytics, Data Discovery, What-If Analysis, ...).

Our approach to Business Intelligence is directed to set the analysis strategy by exception and to promote information sharing.

Design and implementation of data warehouses in order to collect, convert and historicize data from heterogeneous sources and make them available in an integrated, synchronized and normalized format.

Dashboard and Performance Management

We implement strategic tools in support of the decision-making phases, to optimize and measure business performance (KPI, Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting, Business Activity Monitoring).

BI Collaboration and Social

BI Collaboration and Social

We help to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, development and enhancement of social networks both inside and outside the organization (BI 2.0). We develop analytical functions in "Data Storytelling" mode, to support production, sharing and collaborative commentary of analytical books for periodic closure.

Big Data and Machine Learning

We realize inclusion in the analytical "traditional" database of unstructured data (e-mail, documents, ...) and / or from outside the Company (Social, IoT, Open Data, ...), screened, possibly enhanced qualified and clustered using Machine Learning algorithms (support for predictive analysis, sentiment analysis, data discovery, etc.).