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Sales and Marketing

Total Commercial Audit

One of the most crucial aspects of business management is access to key indicators, such as client loyalty, the clients that guarantee most consistent turnover, and the untapped potential of the client base.

The Total Commercial Audit uses company data to illustrate how healthy a business is, thus allowing it to make swift, efficient strategic choices.


The Total Commercial Audit is a systematic, in-depth examination of the company’s client portfolio, aimed at identifying areas for improvement and potential for development.

By analysing the company’s commercial data (the sales funnel, the performance of the sales network, the percentage of contracts closed, profit margins per channel, etc.), the Total Commercial Audit is able to offer an objective, practical picture of the company situation and potential.

The Audit, modelled upon the client’s specific circumstances, delivers a detailed report, complete with strategic recommendations for improving performance and setting sights on new commercial targets.

Why choose PRAXI?

  • All know-how and analysis tools shared with the client.
  • Result finalised using a customised, reusable dashboard.
  • Strategic indications developed to allow companies to grasp opportunities and handle critical situations quickly and smoothly.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

The aim of the Marketing Plan is to pick up on and weigh up business opportunities, set targets and come up with the best way to reach them. This is the strategic, tactical and operational route to sustainable business growth.


The Marketing Plan is the company document that summarises how the business aims to reach its strategic objectives. Rationalising strategy means developing a market-oriented approach, turning business targets into quantifiable results, matching products/services to targets by aligning all the activities in the marketing mix with the image of the company and its competitive edge.

The Marketing Plan sets out all the stages in the process: from the objectives to the plan of action, as well as the analysis of the competitive scenario, the budget and checking and monitoring results.

Why choose PRAXI?

  • A multidisciplinary team, all in one place (handling analysis, strategy, operating plan).
  • Business coaching approach: staff involved in creating the plan and thus trained to implement it.
  • Immediate applicability.

Business Coaching 4 Manager BC4M

Developed by Praxi Sales and Marketing, this method combines traditional coaching techniques with an approach that ensures the business development strategies of a company or division are clearly focused and effectively rationalised and implemented.

The BC4M model is a fully customised development programme aimed at Product Managers, Area Managers, Sales Managers, Key Account Managers and all the other talented figures the company aims to engage in a process designed to identify and sharpen management potential.


BC4M is designed to provide managers with on-the-job assistance and support for acquiring tools and skills for immediate, day-to-day application. The aim is to boost the professional development, productivity and efficacy of the figures involved.

BC4M covers all the skills required for successful business management, such as leadership, results-oriented approach, sales and marketing, communication, planning, economics managements and team building.

BC4M is aimed at companies seeking to speed up and enhance the potential of the figures involved in their business development.

Why choose PRAXI?

  • BC4M is a Praxi Sales and Marketing exclusive, developed from years of sound, varied experience.
  • BC4M cuts project-to-implementation time, bringing about a real shift in mindset.
  • For Praxi Sales and Marketing, business management skills always go hand in hand with coaching skills.

International Sales Development

Threats cannot be thwarted nor opportunities on international markets grasped without a valid, far-sighted corporate strategy. This cannot be implemented without engaging properly trained, creative sales people on the ground.


An interesting point emerged from an international survey conducted by Consalia (Praxi Group) and Middlesex University (UK): clients are not getting what they expect and hope for from their commercial partners as regards skills and an enterprising approach.

The development platforms constructed by Praxi Sales and Marketing exercise strong control over corporate governance, but also play close attention to highlighting and consolidating local skills and specific features. This allows us to obtain impressive results in terms of skills and business development, as well as enduring strategies are implemented with the same efficacy everywhere. The projects we have undertaken with major clients in the main market sectors differ widely in order to address specific needs:

  • Development of an international sales network.
  • Reorganisation of the international sales network.
  • Start-up of companies or divisions abroad.

Why choose PRAXI?

Thanks to our network of local consulting companies, PRAXI is able to deliver projects in all 5 continents, in 27 languages, and with the same efficacy worldwide.

PRAXI tools are aligned with the top multinational market benchmarks, and with the methodological and ethical standards adopted by the leading consulting networks (360° Multisource Sales Assessment, Global Assessment Center, Knowledge Management etc).


Praxi Play On! is a new, interactive, web-based game. Its aim is to offer a lean, experiential route to developing the analysis, planning and organisation skills necessary to complete the profile of anyone currently holding a Business Development position.

Today’s organisations are increasingly demanding a sharper business approach from their employees, who must be able to grasp opportunities offered and demonstrate plenty of creative spirit.

PRAXI has brought a fresh twist to the concept of “game” – the world’s most widespread and influential means of communication – by designing an interactive, web-based game able to teach learners how to set out and implement a business development plan in a competitive market.

Praxi Play On! is aimed at sales networks, area managers, sales managers, business developers and marketing managers.

The idea for the game was devised by PRAXI consultants from the Sales & Marketing area, while Praxi Information Technology took care of the technological aspects.

Success Stories

We have conducted business development projects in a variety of areas, using different approaches and methods, helping companies make the right strategy choices and assisting management through training and coaching programmes to support the achievement of results. In this section, you will find details of some of the most successful.