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Middle Management and Senior Professional

Our clients trust us to search for the most strategic or critical positions, often on the frontline of reaching business objectives. Identifying the right fit with a tailored approach increases the chances of stronger employee engagement and long term growth within the organization.

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Here you can view and apply for our open positions, or simply register your profile. Please note that you can modify your profile at any time, by logging into the Profile Management section with your credentials.

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PRAXI Alliance provides international Executive Search and HR Consulting solutions to help clients develop and pursue their human capital strategies.

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Praxi Alliance


Shared principles, professional culture and a passion for client service brought our founding European members together almost two decades ago. Today PRAXI Alliance offers global Executive Search and HR consultancy on 5 continents and 30+ countries, and has over 200 consultants in 70 offices, ready to assist.

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Success stories

Learn more about our projects, often developed in collaboration with our colleagues in other divisions. This internal synergy is a distinctive feature that allows us to find the best solution for achieving our objectives.

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