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In-House Training

In-House Training

The hallmarks of PRAXI training:
  • Close supervision of the training process (needs analysis, planning, delivery and results assessment) to ensure the action is coherent with the organisational context and the changes the client is looking to bring about.
  • An international vision, designed to provide clients and participants with effective support for their business development processes.
  • For over 15 years, the skills model has been the benchmark adopted by PRAXI for human resources development and training. Our training skills allow us to keep a close idea on participants’ progress, designing and delivering training that not only provides a model to follow, but also enables participants to tackle situations of growing complexity (from normal operating situations to complex or entirely new circumstances that may require an innovative approach), thus boosting their independence and efficacy on the job.
  • Our instructors and coaches have gained significant teaching experience in complex situations, both in Italy and internationally, and are able to work as a team to bring about structured change. They belong to a variety of professional associations and hold a series of prestigious international qualifications (Emotional Intelligence Training Certification, DISC, Change Management Certification, …).
  • Our training sessions are carefully planned to engage participants and guarantee active participation, with practical content pertinent to their professional experience and applicable to their specific circumstances.
  • The interactive teaching, experiential, consulting and coaching methods adopted in the classroom ensure participants see the training activities as a way to practise and develop their skills. Learning is achieved by selecting teaching strategies effectively able to develop skills in all three dimensions (declarative, procedural and emotional). Class training and coaching can also be provided in English and French, with native-speaker teachers.
  • Empowerment, awareness and active engagement of participants in the learning process, through sharing in the aims of the training programme, the use of tests and questionnaires and the constant feedback given by teaching staff throughout the process.
  • Innovative, exclusive methods for evaluating training and the accountability of training processes, benefitting both course participants and clients.

Our greatest experience lies in the following areas: leadership development and managerial training for change management, motivation and empowerment, behavioural skills (relational, managerial, emotional, and intellectual), as well as a number of technical skills PRAXI deals with also from a consulting angle; sales and marketing; economics and finance; business organisation; business reporting and decision making; production systems; ongoing improvement; trainer training and human resources development. PRAXI has also acquired significant experience in teambuilding and team coaching.

PRAXI provides training services at international level, both using its own trainers and through Consalia Ltd, our overseas affiliate with offices in London and Singapore and a network of over three hundred trainers worldwide.

We also offer assistance for drafting training plans and dealing with procedures for obtaining funding from bodies such as Fondimpresa, Fondirigenti, ForTe, Fondir, Fondo Professioni, Fondo PMI, etc. Details of how the assistance is provided can be found in the dedicated section.

To encourage swift, effective learning, PRAXI has developed a number of training products (using gamification techniques).