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Services and Activities

Praxi Executive Servizi e Attività

Praxi Alliance leads you to the right leaders for your organization.

Thanks to PRAXI Group’s experience in organizational development, systems and processes, PRAXI Alliance partners and their research teams are able to provide a comprehensive range of services:

    We leverage our time-tested methodologies with industry research and networking skills to secure the best and brightest candidates. Our direct approach is discrete and focused on verifying the qualifications, interest level and change readiness of the candidate. We add value by moderating the entire recruitment process up to and beyond the formal placement.

    Our search capabilities extend globally. Through our extensive network, we are able to transform our domestic client requests into international solutions.

    PRAXI Alliance offers strategic support to organizations seeking to optimise their human capital investments.
    Our Senior Consultants evaluate, develop and assist your high potential internal and external candidates through forward-looking HR processes and tailored and sustainable solutions.